Maria's STORY


WOD CEO Uganda

Brief Story

My Name is Maria Lubega
Am from Nakaseke Uganda
Instead of retiring comfortably, I decided to devote the best years of MY life to working hand-in-hand with community leaders in Kapeeka Uganda to create a brighter future for our own country. She first traveled to UK London in 2012 and returned several times with the dream of starting a much-needed vocational school. In 2017, she founded WOD Vocational Schools. Later Bennah joined her and helped establish the first WOD Vocational School and Youth Empowerment Center in the town of Kapeeka.
Many girls and boys are not at school in my community
So I gave out my land to create Community a training hub where they can come and pay some small fee
Of which it helps me for sustainability on things like water power to mention
Show that the community will sustain it due to its demand.


These are some of Maria's projects since 2017 o date.



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