WOD Solar Lab-Project


The Wheels Of Development Organization is fundraising to construct the first solar labs in Kapeeka Nakaseke


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You might take access to computers, the internet and technology in general for
granted—but imagine if you were growing up in a town or community where such
access was scarce or non-existent. If you were a child or young adult in such a
place, you would be at high risk of being left behind in today’s digital world. If only
there were a way to bring technology to areas of the world without access…
That’s where our Solar Learning Labs come in. Built from converted shipping
containers, these computer labs are solar-powered, which means they are self sufficient and can be placed just about anywhere. With the help of our local
partners, Solar Learning Labs provide an opportunity for young learners to benefit
directly from the expertise of in-country trainers and gain first-hand experience with
technology and the Internet.
We believe in a world where everyone has equal
access to technology.
The installation of the classroom provides access to technology for the first time, but beyond that,
the installation of a Solar Learning Lab is a message of inclusion and a force of change for a
community or a school that needs transformation. 

The Project

The Solar Learning Lab is a standard shipping container, converted into a classroom, with 11 user
stations operating off of a thin-client network (which is a low consumption network) and powered
by a connected solar solution. With the addition of outside space and laptops, the lab can offer up to
20 people at a time a wireless connection to learning materials. It offers a stand-alone, mobile
technology enabled space to underserved communities around the NAKASEKE DISTRICT who would otherwise not have access to ICT due to prohibitive local infrastructure and the economic challenges
they face. Through Crowd funding, we plan to install 2 Solar Learning Labs each year until 2030.
A lack of appropriate spaces and resources for learning prevents young rural populations from
accessing the same opportunities as their urban peers. The WOD Solar Learning Lab programs
establish a unique space to enrich learning resources, build local institutional capacity and provide
access to 21st century skills for the local population. Technology in this program is a tool of
transformation and participation. This is not only because ICT skills are essential to succeeding in the
modern world, but also because establishing a Solar Learning Lab with the latest technology is a
force of transformation and inclusion in traditionally marginalized communities like Kapeeka.  

• This is an affordable
• solution to provide access to ICT to all the youth and teens surrounding the Kapeeka Community in a
secure and
• comfortable environment.
• Providing an opportunity to expand Corporate Social
• Investment (CSI, or CSR) and corporate sponsorships.
• We will work in
• partnership with NGO ’ s
• and schools to assess their needs for the solution &
• build in country. Set up in communities as a message of inclusion for the local
• beneficiaries, focusing on community ownership and empowering.
• The entire model runs off solar power and sustainable products like second hand
• shipping containers.
• We will work with partners in country to select schools and communities where
• there is an identified need for access to technology. We will monitor the set-up
• of the lab in each school and community center, to ensure that it is working
• correctly before it’ s used. We will
• conduct a base-line survey to measure the ICT literacy of participants in the
• project before the training starts.  

Budget (Crowd Funding)
Container Conversion
Site Preparation and installation
Solar TurnKey 2.34kW Solar System
Training, Learning Material and internet access
Community Schools Selection process and Project
Impact Evaluation
Total Funding Required
Costs Funded By Crowd Funding
Computer Donations